Do you have any of these symptoms in your car ?

Steering wheel wobbling or not straight when driving

Vehicle pulls to one side or feels airy

Unusual vibration or noises when turning

* These can be speed specific

What tyres and services do we offer ?

We offer affordable new used or tyre repairs up to 22inch and can do anything from budget tyres to high performance tyres.. We always offer a wheel balance after this to ensure everything balances to specs, which in turn reduces any vibrations unless the wheel is bentcific

Why do you need to get your tyres sorted ?

Low or no tread depth can cause much reduced stopping distances and is dangerous. Vibrations or noises not fixed put more stress on other parts of the car which can make things worse. Tyres are the last point of contact your car has with the road. They perform a huge role in keeping you safe. We follow the recommended guidelines to repairing tyres and only perform this if it safe to do so.